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Enterprise Project Management
Sample case study to understand how EPM World could serve your business requirements :
Check the following situation to understad how our services could help your organisation. It is certainly possible that your requirement could be different from the one indicated herein. May discuss the same with our team.
Name of the organisation: Enterprise Geography Pvt. Ltd.,

Year of establishment: March, 2007

Nature of business: Manufacturing, Trading
Average annual turnover: INR 5.0 cr
Promoter's strength: Strong technical leadership & Business vision
Organisation's strength: Strong committed team
Growth prospects: Great scope for capacity enhancement, Great scope for global expansion, Great scope for ancillary service offerings
Challenges faced: Credit facility, Investment, Organisational processes, Introduction of business applications for accelerated productivity, Global marketing alliances
What EPM World contributed:
(a) Design, develop the organisation's profile which will project the strengths, vision and future scope. The profile includes the professional and world class marketing collateral (Company's profile, brochure, product leafs, project reports, financial documentation, technical documentaton).
(b) Market the profile in the relevant business circle to attract appropriate investments/credit limits.
(c) Market the profile in the relevant business circle to bring in global collaborations in technology, marketing and strategic alliances.
(d) Market the profile to attract world class team.
(e) Project, create, develop and position brand value of the organisation
(f) Create online, web presence as an effective marketing tool
(g) Bring on to the board required advisory team and expert panel
(h) Undertake process re-engineering and introduce technology measures for faster achievement of organisational deliverables and meeting the project schedules.
Results derived by the Organisation:
Rightly and professionally projected portfolio of the organisation
(b) New collaborations
(c) Global presence
(d) Innovative online presence
(e) Well received brand value
(f) Stakeholders' admirations
(g) Increased turnover
(h) Enhanced profits
(i) New investments
(j) Market respect enhancement
Additional information: The time frame to achieve the results: 3 months to 1 year. The preparedness of the promoter and process response times may result in different time frame.
What next: Would you like your organisation to get rightful growth, achieve higher turnover and profits, get admired by its stakeholders, kindly get in touch with our team. We are at your service.
mail us your enquiry to ram@epmworld.in